Internet Marketing


Now, What Do You Want To Sell?

So… what Do you want to sell? If you’ve been struggling online to get your digital marketing business kickstarted, you probably have been asking that question: There are many answers to that question, but they all start with a couple of more questions: 1) Who is the market? 2) What are they buying? Now, all […]

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Affiliate Video Review

Affiliate Video PRO Review

[affiliate_video_pro id=”vi15cb895bfe80dc”] This makes setting up review videos ridiculously easy and fun. Here’s a first ever look at a new and better way for affiliates to instantly use video to boost their affiliate earnings. Affiliate Video PRO is a WordPress plugin that can start playing the video when the page loads and also removes any YouTube […]

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Entrepreneurial Adventures – Know Your Niche!

Here’s a process particularly suited to entrepreneurial adventures, as we often don’t have time to hang around waiting for all the theories and concepts to be formalized and proven before we move to market. The basic stages are: Preparation Research (Data Collection) Analysis Results Review & Outline GO Once the first steps have been taken, […]

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