Find Your Voice And Write Like a Blogger


Here are Some Tips to Help You Write Like a Blogger

Find your voice. Don’t be a carbon copy of other bloggers; be yourself. You have unique experiences and viewpoints that you can bring to your blog and make it different from anything else out there. Think about how you make friends – you show the person who you really are, and they either like you or they don’t. It’s the same with your blog readers. Be yourself, be genuine, have a personality, and those who connect with you will stay with you and become your biggest fans because of who you are.

Don’t bury the lead. Most blog readers are short on time and want their info NOW. If you wait until the end of your post to give them the good stuff, they’ll never see it. You have to start out with the big benefit first and let them know right away why this post is going to make a difference in their day or their life.

Keep it short. Most blog posts could benefit greatly from going under the knife. If a sentence doesn’t move the post forward, then delete it. The same goes for entire paragraphs. Shorter posts tend to work best, especially when you’re new to blogging. Authority posts – those long 3,000+ word posts – are something you can work up to as your reputation builds. In the beginning, keep posts short with one main idea in each post.

Become a headline pro. There is NO getting around this – you’re going to need to become an expert at headlines. Without a compelling, tweetable headline, your work will never be read. Consider writing the headline first and tailoring the post to the headline, rather than working the other way around.

 Screw up. That’s right; make mistakes. Be imperfect. Be human. The best bloggers are real life people who let you know they make mistakes. If you try to get every single blog post just peachy-keen perfect, you’ll never publish anything. Write it, edit it, post it and move on. When you make a big enough mistake, correct it. If you make a whopper, let your readers know you goofed. They’ll love you for it.

Rewrite. We said it’s okay to screw up, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to put your best foot forward. Write and then rewrite, because people will spend more time reading your posts if they enjoy them. Go over your writing and find the places that don’t quite make sense or are downright confusing, and then fix them. You might read your post aloud, since this can help you find the bits that need fixing.

Be honest. Are you sad? Depressed? Angry? Stressed? Disappointed? Worried? There is awesome power in authenticity. Write about it. You’ll find some of your readers are going through the exact same thing you are. Plus, it’s therapeutic for you and for them to get it out there.

Entertain. Yes, you might be writing about business or some other serious topic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t entertain, too. Use stories, humor and the element of surprise to turn even dry material into something fun and interesting.

Mix it up. Use videos, photos, interviews, infographics, reviews, humor, cartoons and anything else you can think of. Be innovative.

Bring in other authors. Once your blog has a following, bring in other writers to spice up the conversation. You might consider asking a provocative question, taking one side yourself, and having another writer take the opposing point of view. Apart from offering great value you’ll also Build Your Online Business in no time if you follow these tips.

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