Quiz- Do You Sell Yourself To The Customer?


Sales is one of the most exciting professions. It is also one of the toughest professions. Selling to customers can be a real task. If by any chance, you get a tough buyer, you will need all the training to sell to him/her. Let me ask you – do you sell yourself as a person of integrity and honesty to your buyers? Or you focus only on your product? Let me ask you one question- do you think that your bus the product only because of the value of the product? Or because your buyer believes in you and thinks that you will not sell anything bad to them? What do you think hen you buy anything? Who is selling to you does affect you. Am I right?

How to sell yourself to your buyer? Let us examine that. Do you come across as a person who knows the subject? Are you ready with all the answers or always need time to refer back with the answer. Can you tell your buyer about the competitive products in as much detail as you can do for your product? Are you sure that your buyer is good for your customer or you sell it to get only the commission or earn the salary?

Do you know your regular buyers habits? Do you know about their family and other personal details? Do you talk to your buyer as a hard headed professional or as a friend who knows what is best? Do you come across as a honest person? What is the image of the company for which you are working? Are your promises of after sales service are always fulfilled or you forget the buyer after making the sale? Does your buyer believe your words? Does your buyer think that you area person of character? If you can do that, you can raise your commissions to any limit.

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