Where Has Customer Service Gone?


Whatever happened to the adage “The customer is king or queen”? or the customer is always right. Not anymore. Company?s representatives seem to delight in arguing with and stone-walling customers and some even brag on their blogs about early morning and late evening calling just to upset customers to set them up for their day.

What kind of individual gets kicks from this kind of behavior? Do they even think before they call the reaction of the customer they call and whom they might come in contact with that day? Is this kind of action possibly more legal liability just waiting to happen?

Road Rage is so common in our society now… what?s next- Telephone Tantrum? Will this also be a psychiatric diagnosis and a legally defendable offense? I would almost bet on it!

Credit card companies are the amongst some of the worst offenders and now, if one is a good, pay your bills on time and in full customer they don?t want you and in fact, are considering penalizing the “good customer” by charging them an annual fee to use their card. Seriously?

It truly amazes and stuns me how deplorable customer service has become. It?s such an oxymoron… customer and service don?t go together anymore; there is no service for the customer it is all about the company?s way to make money, more profit. Don?t companies care anymore about the way that they are perceived? The only power and voice the customer has left is not to be a company?s customer anymore and when that happens there will be no need for the bottom-line, making money/profit, customer service or the CEO; therefore no more company.

I have always been a positive person and I try to look at both sides of every situation. Do I have suggestions and offer solutions. ABSOLUTELY! When I have had an excellent experience with customer service I tell them so and thank them as well as telling everyone that I come in contact with what a great company, service or product they have. Lately, I have been silent… wonder why?

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